Windows 8 tip: How to find a file's size

Security_March20_BOne of the more popular debates about the Internet is who exactly owns your data and information when it goes online? Most of the information regarding this is held in the Terms of Service, which most people click and agree to without reading. The interesting thing about this is that web oriented companies usually update their policies on regular basis and often introduce changes you may not be aware of.

BYOD made feasible due to Windows 8

Microsoft has an exciting fourth quarter of 2012 ahead. The impending release of Windows 8 is being met with mixed thoughts by pundits, and there are a ton of new features that could essentially change how we use computers. Some of these features focus on enabling businesses to adopt a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution.

$40 will get you an upgrade to Windows 8

It’s rumored that later this year, most likely in October, Microsoft will release its latest operation system, Windows 8. While a preview version has been available for a number of months, many users have been curious as to how much they’re going to have to pay to upgrade.

The sky is clear for SkyDrive

One of the hottest trends of 2012 is cloud storage. Managers and employees are enamored with the idea of being able to work together and share documents from anywhere. To make storage and collaboration in the cloud a little easier, Microsoft recently upgraded their SkyDrive service to meet their users’ needs.